• A Flower In The Rain

    I want to fall on you like rain
    upon a wildflower
    Opening new reason from you
    Scaring all the old bees away from... more »

  • A House On A Vanished Mountain

    Can you remember the sky is blue
    When I looked into your eyes,
    That faded gaze a blind man gives
    A house on a vanished mountain.... more »

  • A Quick Poem Done In Time

    In the amber woods, the beetles call-
    The rain falls upon the school.
    The cats and the children awaken from their sleep;
    Their eyes awaken to the moon-... more »

  • A School Their Souls Will Never Attend

    Mobilized into other parks farther along- buying
    Her flowers and sending them to places
    She no longer works anymore:
    Streetless cars losing their clothing and pornographies... more »

  • A Secret Color Named Alma

    Like an otter come out and into her own:
    Outside of classes, and outside
    The impenetrable bosque:
    She is now selling fruit to speaking... more »

  • A Single Kiss

    Well, it is raining, and the raindrops make
    Furtive areolas in the puddles of muddy bellies,
    And their mists are like nebulous shrouds,
    And unfertilized thoughts of maidens dreaming of... more »

  • A Single Pine

    Single pine
    stranded upon a sandy hill
    here you remain
    in a haunted crèche of coniferous rises and valleys,... more »

  • A Single Tear Drop

    I own two bicycles because I still pine for you
    Even while you make love this evening, even while you
    Turn out all of the hope in your lighthouse,... more »

  • A Siren For Truancy

    An acrobat in the high numbers:
    Rainbows that taper and billow in
    The towers of trees.
    The land swelters, the maidens sweating,... more »

  • A Siren Who Has Forgotten All Of Her Songs

    Tonight my muse lies in sleep with him
    Like a mermaid who has come ashore smelling the rose
    That will become her grave:
    There is her bed between the dunes, and her eyes... more »

  • A Smile You Had Never Seen Before

    Like the dissected rainbow of abused starlets
    Like the beginning or the end of my misappropriated
    That I cannot see the outcome for, and yet the sea... more »

  • A Thought In Their Bones

    Pains in an organ, open to the trees,
    Exposed to the sun:
    Cadavers of little boys bathing in the shadows
    Of school buses:... more »

  • A Walk In The Wind

    I am the only one who
    An origami jungle
    Screaming in papier-mâché... more »

  • A Wedding At My Funeral

    The time has not come before
    And this is new.
    The light is opening for the day
    An ingénue displaying her bosom... more »

  • A Woman At My Door

    I need a woman at my
    door to drive home to
    some long honey momma
    who will love me... more »

  • Above The

    Here, at least, we have new monuments and
    Times for the dollar—
    And checking the minute hands of all of our
    Scars, at least different times to survive:... more »

  • Absent Without Leave

    Close set the stores and hide
    The abdomen of my laziness. Feed chickenpox
    To alligators,
    And go outdoors, brown bagging liquor and fireworks.... more »

  • According To Death

    With others old and gray,
    Or not so old at all—Maybe they will
    Mostly be fair haired and young,
    If it should be a tragedy. Who knows?... more »

  • Across The Open Mouths Of Your Starlet Constellations

    Your lips taste better than this bottle
    I know because I have tasted your lips today.
    And how is that possible when you are more beautiful than... more »

  • Across The Orchards You Abandoned

    Busy visions of a childhood and her ghosts,
    Words that linger in a poor man’s clutch, as she looks
    Away perpetually, browns stems quivering over
    Her children, but she is out of leaves and warmth-... more »

  • Across The Promising Remains

    Anthropomorphic conquistadors
    Bending, bowing to
    The prettiest curls—
    Blond-curled, but not accounting for... more »

  • After It Is Almost Done

    If the day yellows, it sings to her as it curls up,
    Winnowing its airplanes who are coming down
    Like whippoorwills of dreams
    To fasten to her hair, and sing to her of secret springs... more »

  • After School

    Trying again, the young children yawn,
    Hatching beneath the tombs- as all of the day is haunted-
    But your body blooms-
    Driving all day in its loneliness, and yet so... more »

  • After School'

    Trying again, the young children yawn,
    Hatching beneath the tombs- as all of the day is haunted-
    But your body blooms-
    Driving all day in its loneliness, and yet so... more »

  • Against His Brown Skin

    Physical imaginations of a poet—
    I dream of picking flowers now that I am without you—
    I dream of slinking away to the
    Avenues of Venice,... more »