• Alone Again

    I know I should be really happy,
    But I'm not,
    I know I should be he happy for you,
    But I'm not,... more »

  • Amy Lee

    Amy Lee,
    what went down in your head,
    saying things no one ought to say,
    thinking things that nobody should say,... more »

  • Babygirl

    Baby Girl,
    I love you so much and I don't know,
    where I should start where to begin,
    there is so much about you that I love,... more »

  • Cold December Night

    It's a cold december night,
    the streets are my only friend,
    they're calling my name,
    Listen to my heavy steps,... more »

  • Crazy About Her

    I'm so Crazy about her,
    I think of her night and day,
    ooh yeah,
    her baby-blue eyes,... more »

  • Darkend Days

    I looked at myself in the mirror,
    and I didn't really like what I saw,
    the person staring back at me,
    I didn't know who he was,... more »

  • Dimebag's Gone (But He's Still Rockin')

    I remember when it went down,
    it was one of the darkest days in music history,
    a wild man with a gun came to the show,
    and he shot your ass dead,... more »

  • Everyone Thinks I'M Crazy

    Everyone thinks that I am crazy,
    they look into my eyes and they,
    wonder what lays behind of them,
    maybe a man with a darkened soul,... more »

  • I'M Dreaming Of You

    As I sit here and look at the water,
    I can see your face in the ripples of water,
    as a stone skips a crossed the lake,
    and the cold wind blows I can feel you,... more »

  • I'M Right Here

    This rage that lives inside of me,
    knowing what he had done to you,
    your laying in a hospital bed,
    all beaten up and abused,... more »

  • It Was Like Magic

    You seemed to always be in trouble,
    with society, the world we lived in,
    and the law wasn't your best friend in the world,
    you were trippin' on everything you could,... more »

  • I'Ve Seen The Devil (And He Looks Like You)

    I've watched people in this world,
    do evil things to each other,
    I've seen them do evil things to the ones,
    that they love and cherish,... more »

  • Jess

    I can't stand to watch you cry,
    I wish that I could wash away all of your tears,
    take away all of your fears,
    hold you tight and treat you right,... more »

  • My Angel (In The Darkness)

    I know I haven't really been a good friend,
    and I know I could of tried a little harder,
    but you see I can't tell you,
    how I feel about you,... more »

  • My Little Is Gone (But Not Forgotten)

    I walked the line of self-destruction,
    and self-mutilation,
    my insanity was legendary,
    and my madness took over my body and soul,... more »

  • Nevermore

    I'm sitting in a dimly lit room,
    the only sounds,
    are the sweet caws,
    of the crows and the ravens,... more »

  • Save You

    I want to be there when you fall,
    I want to be there when you cry,
    I want to be there when your at your lowest,
    and you need someone to pick you up,... more »

  • She Gave Me (Something To Believe In)

    Chorus: She Gave Me (Something To Believe In)
    She Gave Me (Something To Believe In)
    She Gave Me (Something To Believe In)... more »

  • Shes Taking (Another Drink)

    She lives with herself in silence,
    so many thoughts being thrown around in her mind,
    so many people that she dosen't love,
    so many people that turned her away,... more »

  • So Many Ways To Say Sorry

    I don't think god put us on this planet,
    so that we both could hate each other,
    and kick each other out of our lives,
    I don't think that was his plan from the start,... more »

  • Stay Strong (My Little Angel)

    I write about whatever comes to mind,
    singing about the promised land,
    and my failed relationships,
    and how the world can be so cold,... more »

  • The Beat Of My Heart

    Feel the beat of my heart,
    Listen to the rhythm of my breathing,
    Taste the song resting on my lips,
    As we make our music together.... more »

  • The Black House On The Corner

    I passed by that house everday,
    wondering what lurked inside of it,
    was their some kind of ancient evil inside,
    or a normal family that we never saw,... more »

  • The Phantom Musician

    In the night I can hear her practicing,
    your songs note for note,
    in the secluded room that she calls her studio,
    in the darkness that is only brightend up,... more »

  • This Light

    I saw into your mind,
    into your world of hate and darkness,
    I told you to take my hand,
    and that everything would be alright,... more »