• ǣ Ceallian Tð Ælmesse

    (a call to alms)

    fðlmes ðf þæt giernans
    (hands of the beggars)... more »

  • ‘not Nobody, Not No How’

    “If I don’t stand for something,
    I’ll fall for everything” – no
    substitutes, no exchanging;
    Tired of being a giver – will... more »

  • 26 Years

    More than just numbers
    More than just a period
    of time
    More than just seconds,... more »

  • A Chance To See

    Born to me a vision from afar
    You emerged from a longing
    Awakened as from a deep dream
    A vision of my world renewed... more »

  • A White Rose

    Reverence and humility
    A rose without thorns
    Purity and brightness;
    You’re telling someone... more »

  • Acronym Soup

    DEA... more »

  • Aging Man

    His length of time was measured
    by solitude, not knowing whether
    he was a thing or a being, either
    way though, each year of his life... more »

  • Albeit

    Graying of hair
    Bit of a spread
    Feet of clay, I
    sit here slowly... more »

  • Amnesty-Town Horror

    Speculation, imagination, a fabricated event
    Conclusions reached, some however, remained unconvinced
    Suburbia got its name from its false hopes builder
    Mass produced, widely regarded, postwar for certain.... more »

  • And Tenderly...

    She gives me everything
    And tenderly she whispers
    I'm sorry if I caused you pain
    Somehow nothing is missed...... more »

  • Annual Review

    In effect, the same as
    smacking-the-tar out
    of your dog a year later
    for having pooped on... more »

  • Anti/Piracy

    Privateer/Loot on any Treasure Island
    Truth/Cut-throat tactics with the world
    Respect/Seamens perpetuated crime
    Unashamed/The Skull & Crossbones... more »

  • Applause

    A certain noise, a vain of laughter - comes
    The folly of my wisdom hears their applause
    Clapping, clapping - the thunder of a mischievous one
    Spiteful people gain your attention through fear, not through love;... more »

  • Ark

    ... large boat w/every creature
    ... chest w/the Bill of Non-Rights
    ... Joan – Maid of Orleans
    ... a place of protection, or refuge... more »

  • Aspire

    Undress the inward sense -
    The outside of the mind's body
    Get rid of the un-respectful bored
    Feel affection for achievement... more »

  • Backlash

    I’m off to somewhere
    dark and quiet where
    I hope that time will
    heal my wounds;... more »

  • Banshee

    From the Irish 'bean si'
    (or, woman of the 'side')
    A female spirit that likes
    to catch you with your... more »

  • Bareknuckle

    Being stalked
    Attach yourself
    Floating fists
    Be stalkless;... more »

  • Battered

    Been persistently beaten/pounded repeatedly
    Down one dirty road/coast-to-coast
    Damaged area/beneath the skin
    Done by those swinging the bat/bad intent... more »

  • Battle Of The Herrings

    A fishing action
    North of France
    1429 took place
    Cause of battle... more »

  • Begin The Waste-Treatment

    When I begin the
    it brings out the smell
    of body sewage so rancid... more »

  • Bette Davis

    Born Ruth Elizabeth Davis
    On April 5th, year of 1908
    Lowell, MA – studied dance
    then drama – as a youth.... more »

  • Beyond The See

    Somewhere beyond the see we must –
    Find out, ascertain/know beyond a doubt
    Meet and receive/take your eyes off the me
    Assist and provide/un-fail the wrong... more »

  • Bilge Water

    A derogatory term used colloquially
    to refer to something bad, ruined, or
    fouled; can destabilize your life if it's
    allowed to run freely - warning, if left... more »

  • Blindsided

    Was too caught up to see
    Lacked the sense of sight
    Throw in unquestioned faith
    No tenacity - blind chance.... more »