• Desmond Barrow

    Was a singer, lost his voice
    Was sent by his doctor to
    a Sangatarium – a resort
    for the improvement of... more »

  • Different Shaded

    Distinguishable thin white line
    Drawn in the sand, 'I double
    dare you to cross it! '; this
    defines one's character, often... more »

  • Distancing

    Contained in a nearly spherical body of myself
    Lacking firmness, substance, or permanence
    In my life, I have created a domelike structure
    Created by a speculative scheme, transparent in nature.... more »

  • Distorted

    Truth suffers... radically distorted
    Misdirected accuracy – balanced/unbalanced
    Both gone to never-never land with the dearly departed
    Emotions recollected... torturously screamed – distorted... more »

  • Do Not Drop

    Sorrow's share - if to dropp a pity dwells
    Quickly cloak with excuses the pitiful eye
    But must through the midnight screams
    Be plagued by the un-marriage hearse;... more »

  • Double-Dog Dare Ya!

    Ya need to go well beyond your own
    breaking point; get down to the nitty
    gritty and become a 'black dog' with
    fleas that'll itch ya; go well beyond... more »

  • Dr. Crippen

    American physician/hung in Pentonville Prison –
    London, England on November 23rd, year 1910
    for the murder of his un-beloved, & lovely wife
    She mysteriously disappeared in January of that... more »

  • Dream

    A dream flows through its nightly course
    Shadowed, moving – eddying in the currents
    Of the past and present – sifting
    And straining the falsehoods from the truths... more »

  • El Dente

    Whiplash... more »

  • Emigrants/Immigrants

    The destitute/NY arrival their ruin
    Without subsistence/No resurrection
    Deprived of/Elementary emotions
    Abandoned hope/Tormented souls... more »

  • End Of The Line

    Took a trip to NYC
    Went to the Empire State building
    Road the elevator to the 86th floor
    It’s the observation deck, can see... more »

  • Fat Chance

    Penalty box
    Soul suffers
    Cowardly fight
    Broken heart... more »

  • Five Of Wands

    When love goes wrong
    Defend your honor, for
    Your sanity's at stake;
    A requiem for reposing.... more »

  • Flim~flam

    Fake franchise
    Sure-fire invention
    Online scam
    Useless product;... more »

  • Fog And Mirrors

    Slightest turn towards them
    Your hand paints their hand
    Passion of hearts, one of steal
    Love feelings – no need to hide... more »

  • Fool's Illusion

    Squanderer of time/false, or misleading
    Extravagantly wait/cobwebbed trimming
    Never an adulterer/deceived & delusions
    Pretend to believe/false mental images... more »

  • Frendscipe's Onmedla

    (Love's Magnificence)

    Hearts like a mallow
    A kiss on the cheek... more »

  • Ghost

    At first, a slight faint or trace
    Then a displaced Civil War image
    Reflected in a gold-framed mirror
    Her body, not her soul, now nonexistent.... more »

  • Glass Of Water

    Half-full, or half-empty
    It can be brittle, hard
    and transparent, drop
    it, it doesn't shatter.... more »

  • Going Home To Cry

    In-articulated sounds
    began to form – then
    lamentation & grief
    followed-by a deep... more »

  • Goodbye

    The sun has set upon our make believe friendship
    You never really took a chance to know me and now I have parted
    The indications are strong that I will never return
    For there is a whisper in the air of your promises unkept... more »

  • Goodnight Till The Morning Sun

    Walking upon white sands
    Imprisoned by thoughts and narrow walls
    That holds no comfort within right now... more »

  • Grip

    Grip with a dimmer vision
    As-it watches me faint upon the scorn
    With its icy hands - a taut grip
    Brushes over me, freezes me to the bone;... more »

  • Guillotine

    Device used for beheading
    Heavy blade for more than
    public display during the
    French Revolution – sent... more »

  • Hairpin

    Count beyond one
    No more, no less
    Dance with your
    car – driving freak;... more »