• A Grandfathers Love

    Works through thick and thin
    Loves his family and all within
    Sacrifices body and mind
    So that everyone may find... more »

  • Bus Ride

    Differences make everyone
    People you meet people you see
    People everywhere
    Can make you see... more »

  • Confused?

    Regret, Rethink, Replenish
    The starvation inside
    Crying to smile
    Pushing and pushing... more »

  • Falling

    My heart is seared and scarred
    I never thought this day would be so hard
    My life since you just keeps descending
    Into a cascade of never ending... more »

  • Freedom

    Populated with diversity
    and untamed eyes
    The wind whispers with tenacious hellos and breathless goodbyes
    Far stretched like the minds of its dweller... more »

  • Gaurdian Angel

    You are the guardian angel of the family
    The shepherd of hope
    You strung us together and tied it with rope
    The gleam and joy in your eyes... more »

  • Getting Closer

    This distance between us is slowly killing me on the inside
    Its ripping and tearing but nothing is strong enough to break it
    Our love is like a knot getting tighter and tighter
    The more we pull on each other the closer we get... more »

  • Gone

    ... more »

  • Help Me

    My hate builds around me
    My enemies start to rise
    This searing pain that bleeds from my inside
    I can’t stop it now society’s gone... more »

  • How You Changed Me

    I am not the man I once was
    I am not the man I could have been
    I am not the man that I foreseen
    I am the better man... more »

  • I'M Healed

    Its finally over
    This suffer this pain
    But it still doesn’t feel the same
    The memories good and bad... more »

  • In That Instant..

    At first glance into the crowd
    A blended view is all that’s found
    Seeing nothing but everything
    And crying out for something... more »

  • Life's Gone

    Light shines on my head
    Memories of me are now dead
    I’m living in the shadows
    My image is on the gallows... more »

  • Life's Lessons

    Love is a bond stronger then diamond
    Once it has taken hold it will stay forever
    Finding love can sometimes be misleading
    The understanding of thinking your in love can often guide you in the wrong direction... more »

  • Light In The Sky

    Scared, frightened, unsure, but not alone
    Thoughts, dreams, aspirations, and life
    Bounced and tumbled back and forth around and around
    Spinning in circles not sure what to do what to think... more »

  • Love Connection

    That single connection
    That bond that we had
    Has brought us together
    With words that we said... more »

  • Moments

    Moments whether cumbersome or minute
    All have potential to be your last minute
    We are but wasteful creatures
    Walking on a threatening doorstep... more »

  • One Life To Love

    Following the path I have stumbled upon
    I’ve seen what everyone else thought was wrong
    I’ve seen the mistakes of others and the broken heart you own
    But I see through to the truth and the reality you hold... more »

  • Our Dream

    Our dreams are getting closer
    Closer to the point we can see them gleaming over the horizon
    Its glowing as to say this is where you belong
    calling me whispering in my ear thoughts of love... more »

  • Reflection In The Mirror

    This twisted messed up world I’m in
    Is leaving me with so much sin
    Driving me through roads unknown
    Leading me through paths un sewn... more »

  • Summer Fun

    Breaking ties
    New love ignites as old love dies
    Old faces fade as the new prosper
    Our twelve years together have passed... more »

  • The Flash

    I’ve traveled the roads
    Seen what I owe
    Looked in the mirror and watched myself grow
    I stumbled through crossroads... more »

  • The Journey

    The Journey

    The road has been long and bumpy
    The horizon has been lurking in the distance... more »

  • The Night To Remeber

    This hope that fills my head
    These thoughts that must be read
    I’m lying here with you in my arms
    Thinking of nothing... more »

  • The Same

    I seek to see
    I feel to be
    The only thing that is not me
    This building pressure... more »