Robert Yborra Biography

Writer of Prophetic Poetry since 1976. The poems usually
give more meaning or insight to God's Word. Often time
they contain revealed secrets or understandings that are
not always understood by those that do much studying. The
reason being is that the poems are not by natural talent but come by listening within my heart to the Heart of God. Some are very short but contain great truth. Some are long but a poem can impart supernaturally to a seekers heart that which others may not see or hear through just the of studying the scriptures. Jesus said to search the scriptures for in them YOU THINK you have Eternal Life.
The scriptures are in reality inspired words of God but
unless He breathes on them when you read them they are DEAD
for you. The Holy Ghost breathes or makes alive the bible
and prophetic poems as He pleases. Today a poem may reach into the deepest part inside you (He Has Breathed On It)
That same poem a month from now may just sound nice but have less affect on the reader. I hope this helps a few
people out there understand the importance of the ministry of anointed poetry. Enjoy the poems and if you are
Really Excited About Jesus-E-Mail Me. Jesus.He1MyHeart@ Thanks-Bob-other poems to just enjoy may also be posted here for your enjoyment.