• Appreciation

    Do you know how much
    I appreciate having a
    friend like you. A friend
    to share the good times... more »

  • Jenn

    Jenn is the one that i always will love
    through thick and thin we been through it all
    i still love her like i always will... more »

  • New And Approved! ! ! !

    Here is a poem that is not dirty.
    There is no swearing or back talk.
    I will attempt to write it good and wordie.
    And i hope no one shall mock.... more »

  • No One Knows.....

    you don't know what i feel
    you don't know what i see
    you don't know what i know... more »

  • The Circle

    'A ball is a circle
    no beginning, no ends.
    Like our circle of friends
    but the tresure inside for you... more »

  • Two Hoes! ! ! ! !

    I watched two hoes fight in the hall
    one fell down and the other got mauled.... more »

  • You Know Me.....

    You know me, you see me
    I'm the person in the corner
    I sit by myself, and no one cares.... more »