• I Am He

    I am he who spoke to Adam in the garden days
    I am he who gave Abraham a child in his old age
    i am he who spoke to moses from the bush on fire
    i am he who showed pharoah the greatness of his power... more »

  • If I Had Just One Wish

    if God would grant me one wish
    and i knew it would come true
    i would wish that i could be
    in meetin' again with you... more »

  • My Cold

    i have this terrible thing
    they call it a cold
    just where i got it
    i really do not know... more »

  • My Partner, My Friend My Wife

    He stood there watching as she slipped away
    There were so many things he wanted to say
    But how do you say goodbye after 50 years?
    They'd shared so much both happiness and tears... more »