• After A While

    Taken From Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul:

    After a while you learn the subtle
    difference between... more »

  • Bestfriend

    A best friend is always there.
    Someone you can talk to,
    even relate to.. like a sister or brother.
    Just someone who is.... more »

  • Can You See?

    In the middle i stay
    Never leaving
    Yet never coming
    Why?... more »

  • Dramatic

    Another day
    I wake to a dawn thats calling
    Always calling
    Get up, make your bed... more »

  • Flaws

    Theres always a flaw we can't get past.
    A thing we think is wrong.
    Something we try to change real fast.
    But later find out is gone.... more »

  • For Every....

    For every girl who loves a boy with all her heart
    For every guy who loves her back
    For every girl who is afraid to say her feelings
    For every guy who wants her too... more »

  • I'M Sorry

    Taken From Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul:

    I'm sorry for all the times i lost my temper
    for all the times when i was rude.... more »

  • My Forever

    It’s a lifetime of happiness,
    A lifetime of memories.
    It’s when you no longer need to... more »

  • My Senses

    I wanted to see you
    make my everything alright,
    Not knowing what could happen
    on that warm summers night.... more »

  • Some Days

    Some days I hate you
    But some days I don't,
    Some days I forgive you
    But some days I don't,... more »

  • Somewhere In The Middle

    Taken From Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul:

    A journey lies ahead
    for all teenagers today,... more »

  • Summer Fling

    We're best friends you and me, and thats all we'll ever be.
    What once was mine and now is done, is setting like the morning sun.
    I dont know why i liked u so, but somehow u seemed to glow.
    Maybe it was the gentle, touch of your hand, or us playing in the sand. Your smile or your awsome glance, the way i was in such a trance. That bubbly, butterfly feeling i got when we fooled around.... more »

  • The Unimaginable

    Something happened
    Its wonderful
    I've never felt it before
    Its like....butterflies... more »

  • Think

    When you feel like nothings right
    When you want to break out and cry
    When you seemingly tear up for nothing
    When you almost want to die... more »

  • To Die

    How does an adventure sound?
    Cool? Awesome?
    What about if it was to die?
    Still cool? Wicked?... more »

  • You Are

    You are my sunshine on a cloudy day.
    You are my rainbow on a day thats grey
    You are the butterflies in my stomach
    You are the tears that fall from my eyes... more »