• At Last

    For too long now
    We have remained silent
    While our brothers and sisters
    Still suffer and die... more »

  • Death Inside Of Me

    For so long I ran from her
    From Death
    I closed my ears to what she sang;
    Refused her lessons... more »

  • Death's Dance

    One cold winter's night amid a storm
    I heard a knock at the door
    It was Death asking to warm himself
    Beside the fire so I let him in... more »

  • In Fifty Years

    Fifty years from now
    It won't matter
    What you looked like
    Or what you wore... more »

  • Last Gasp

    I'm drowning in the sea
    Someone keeps pulling me down
    And I realize I'm going to die
    Because I can't catch my breath... more »

  • Maybe...

    Maybe you can't see
    The frustration
    Inside of me
    Maybe you can't see... more »

  • Metamorphosis

    The snow, so white and pristine
    Is only a cover for what's underneath
    While I am not
    I've been disgraced and chased... more »

  • Ode To The Too Good Woman

    She hides her life
    Behind a smiling face
    Yet inside
    Something is missing... more »

  • We Must Go Back

    Down a lonesome road one day I met the Earth
    She was tired but friendly
    So we sat and talke a while
    I asked the Earth... more »