• Catalyst

    So send here woe,
    hung all in black,
    to wander until stars wane.... more »

  • Compulsion

    Drowning in a pool of music -
    every fiber toned to that melody -
    she feels the rhythm in her blood.... more »

  • Contradiction

    You love to hate
    -and hate to love.

    But Living still feels like... more »

  • Goodbye

    Wiping the tears from her eyes
    She softly whispers her last goodbyes.
    So long to all those crazy nights,
    Au revoir to all those rising lights.... more »

  • Individuality

    This world breeds insecurity.
    From our emergence out of child,
    sun-dappled, sweet -meloned childhood,
    to the hectic responsibility of reality.... more »

  • Life To Ponder

    Flying by in a blur,
    Hello ma’am,
    Goodbye sir.
    And I just can’t be sure,... more »

  • Meditation

    Softly, lightly
    on fragile waves.... more »

  • Ocean Song

    Sing a little song,
    Just an itty bitty ditty,
    About the rolling boom
    Of the ocean’s lull and gloom.... more »

  • Reminders

    Waking up
    feels like dreaming
    when reality becomes pretend.... more »

  • Smile

    when they look at you.
    Those 'Go to Hell' looks.
    Those looks that seem to say it all -... more »

  • Storms

    Tell me something new
    Just tell me something true...

    You dance through lies like rain... more »