• A Key

    With the darkest night
    And the brightest sun
    Lies a key,
    And all values... more »

  • A Path

    I am what they call naive.
    My will carried me south.
    Into colder territories I went.
    At first I was lost, and I couldn't face it.... more »

  • A Tree

    Chaos in the clouds
    My interest
    silence dawned my mind
    near lost under dreaded majesty... more »

  • Cracklin Ice

    It is almost time
    The frozen cage of mine crackles.
    Steam seeps out each night.
    It is almost time... more »

  • Duality

    By divine intervention; And personal vengeance.
    Memories make you forget,
    Love lets you remember again.... more »

  • Fearless

    They are always watching us.
    These captors of freedom
    Know your weakness.
    Yet I am strengthened by them,... more »

  • God

    Source of all existence-
    Here with me always.
    I have fear and hatred in my heart
    But love always overcomes it.... more »

  • I Am A Seeker

    I am a seeker.
    My path is clear.
    I traverse the secrets.
    Within I am fire.... more »

  • My Greatest Wish

    My greatest wish for mankind
    Is for each and everyone
    To love each and everyone
    To find peace in every day life... more »

  • Nathalie

    You may never know the goal of life,
    If you strive to please others-
    Unless your goal is to please others.
    Fight for everything you have inside!... more »

  • Outcasts

    You know them as outcasts,
    The sick parasites under the bridge.
    The addicts, the artists, the dreamers, the leaders.
    Some of them leave no trace,... more »

  • Poetry


    Is this... more »

  • Sensitivity

    I see your lies upon the core.
    I feel the silence in your torment.
    I see the blindness you suffer from.
    I hear the echo of your reasoning,... more »

  • Snooze

    A day is stalled yet again;
    I snooze to stay with soft serenity,
    but I can't avoid the approaching agony.... more »

  • The Prisoner

    I once met a prisoner out of his mind.
    His jailers told him not to be dazed;
    'Be like us', they said - 'this is just a phase'.
    Plain and secretly disdained-... more »

  • Thoughts 1

    Our truth's separate us,
    But one truth unites us:
    Truth.... more »