• Alone

    Lonliness is like a wall of fear, as it closes in on you
    You feel it, but fear to touch it
    You know it's there but can't find a way out
    The people you know become shadows... more »

  • Find Strength

    Love is closer than you know
    In you is the seed of all joy
    Just alow the abyss to guide you to the light
    No need to struggle, cry or fight... more »

  • Geisha: Memory Of The Muse

    Gentle noble Artisan
    Evoking the Muse behind the Mask
    Intelligent Social butterfly
    Showing nothing of your True Self... more »

  • The Wheel Of Life

    And the wheel turns again
    I am evolving, becomming closer to my inner light
    Still seeking the path that's right
    There is no time limit for this evolution... more »

  • Where Love Resides

    Breathe in Breathe out, what else can I do?
    I'm lonely, so lonely, can't live without you.
    But on one is there I'm alone, there's no relief
    so breathe in, breathe out, let go of the grief.... more »