• An Ode To God

    Many a death I mourned
    With aching grief,
    But none too sweeter than
    The death of god.... more »

  • Break!

    A moment to meditate
    Before I dedicate,
    Closed walls cannot confine
    Darkness was mine,... more »

  • For My Valentine

    Forever mine,
    A letter with love in every line,
    So easy in words when I write for you
    Just flows in verse as thoughts surround you.... more »

  • Forlorn Love - Mannipaaya

    Held safely in my hands,
    Barely beating
    And shackled in bands,
    A heart throbbed in pain.... more »

  • Immortal As Socrates

    Share that cup of hemlock
    that this day you so softly raised,
    To taste patient peace that mock
    Chains in piety faced,... more »

  • Lost Again

    BLINDING MY BLOOMS;... more »

  • Search Of The Soul

    A day, another,
    Goes with plaintive colour,
    The strings do strain,
    As questions remain.... more »

  • The Arrow That St(R) Uck

    Canto 1
    Sharp with a pointed surge,
    Thrust in deep,
    My bloated beats merge,... more »