• Accident About To Happen

    Lost in the world
    I'm not alone
    Many others like me
    They stay unknown... more »

  • America 'The Great'

    If America's so beautiful
    If America's so great
    Then why is it everywhere I go I only see hate
    If America is the greatest country in the world... more »

  • How Much I Love You

    I still think of her everynight
    Well looking out into the twilight
    Beautiful with long dark hair
    A body that will make you stare... more »

  • Is Anyone Ment For Me?

    As I stare into the dawning sun
    I wonder if I'll ever have anyone... more »

  • Memories

    It's so sad how much I hated this year
    Yet every week further I miss the week no longer here

    New friends are made old friends are lost... more »

  • Not This Time

    Was it worth it
    Are you happy now?
    You lost your kids
    Your home... more »

  • Sleepless Vacation's End

    The night is dark still day is near
    Vacation is over and school is almost here

    Back to the hell where I must stay... more »

  • The World Keeps Turning

    Why did this happen to me?
    The addiction ruined her
    Our family split up
    Living in different places... more »

  • Unaccepted

    She sobs uncontrollably
    Tears streaming down her face
    The razor blade in her hand
    She couldn't find her place... more »

  • Why?

    Why is it so valuable to you
    Don't you have a clue

    Is it that important more so than me... more »