Comments About Roger Bewman

p.a. noushad 24 Apr 2009 03:59
roger, your poems stain the beauty of realities.
Francesca Johnson 16 Dec 2006 05:59
Original.... Funny.... Versatile.... Intelligent.... A totally crazy, Guinness-swigging, unafraid-to-say-what-he-wants-to, type of man. Oh, I nearly forgot - he's a great poet, too. Francesca J.
Nouri Black 04 Dec 2006 10:18
few words abt him true friend funny lovely good looking (lool) there alots abt him but if i keep on talking i wont finished
Lee Degnan 03 Dec 2006 10:57
Reading Roger is so much fun It doesn't hurt that he's such a hun When you're down and feeling blue, you'll cheer right up when he talks to you! I talk to him because he's such a hoot It's also nice that he's hunky to boot :) I'm so glad that he chose to stick around... Look out hackers, Roger's back in town! Go see for yourself why I'm such a fan, He's a real prince of a man! Best always to you Roger, Lee
Niko Tiliopoulos 18 Nov 2006 11:18
Roger, amigo mio della fuerte anemia, your poems make me laugh so hard (even when they are supposed to be serious or sad) , that it feels like I need to have a plastic surgery to get back my other facial expressions! Keep it up brother.