My name is Roger Pratz, I was born in Paris France to English parents. I lived there for only a short time until I moved to the U.S. I then moved to Afganistan where I studied journalism " the real way" . I dropped out of school after my father died, and used my inheritance to try and pursue a music career. After nearly a decade of terrible music experiences that culminated in getting egged in Amsterdam, I decided to hang up the guitar. I now live a humble life of destitution in Rock Springs Wyoming.


Roger Pratz Poems

Fingers In The Lights

Ice cubes like
Fingers in the
Lights... more »


Her name reeks
of love
Her blood is... more »


Water splashes
about my feet
drop... more »

Roger Pratz Quotes

You can only fail if you try, so try not to fail.
On the art of being cool.

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p.a. noushad 10 Nov 2008 02:36
beautiful your nerration is