• Dance Again My Friend

    Down the owls bear upon us
    With careless thoughts of hunger
    How they bring thier demon eggs down to hatch
    Within the depths of our rotting stomachs... more »

  • Days Of Tomarrow

    Truth hurts
    Like baby seals
    In a buttered frying pan
    Banjo land mines... more »

  • Fingers In The Lights

    Ice cubes like
    Fingers in the
    Lights... more »

  • Fireflies

    Her name reeks
    of love
    Her blood is... more »

  • Flat Tire

    I'm stuck here
    in the midle of nowhere
    A dark hole that
    Looms... more »

  • Gifts

    And so the
    Not once... more »

  • Good Times

    Crumpled to the floor
    Bleached blood doors
    Too much a time
    Rings beyond pale... more »

  • How To Fail

    This Greasy
    Chicken fat slide
    Will force me into your manic
    Arms... more »

  • I'M An Idiot

    There's a hamster in the blender
    But he put himself there
    My finger's on 'purée'
    And I put it there... more »

  • Last Day

    Lime green
    Potato wedges
    Circle over my head
    Like anorexic vultures... more »

  • Look At Me Goddammit! ! !

    Card board cut-out faces
    Dangle from rat tail weaved
    Tied to a broken down ice cream truck... more »

  • Mooooooooooooooooo

    Not lambs for the slaughter
    Just cows in a field
    Safety in shelter
    A comforting herd... more »

  • Nothing Ever Changes

    Nothing ever changes
    Because no one ever cares
    Blood is soaking through the ceiling
    Because of dying worm babies... more »

  • Rain

    Water splashes
    about my feet
    drop... more »

  • Towns

    Screaming red lights
    Caught in a windows glare
    People step aside to let it float by
    Wooden beras with chainsaw smiles... more »

  • Trick Or Treat

    The world's at my door
    In paper-bag scrubs
    Re-wiring my doorbell
    To summon baseball crickets... more »

  • Tuna In My Hat

    A spoonfull of gasoline
    Is what gets me out
    Of my meat maggot bed
    All the time I... more »