• Annual Report

    Born to lead, fulfil, unite;
    invariably, though, dividing,
    losing sight of how many
    chosen to fight on one side... more »

  • Every Poem Begs A Story

    Every poem begs a story from nature
    of its power, glory, even shame,
    whatever inspires, fuels high fires
    of creativity; smouldering coals... more »

  • Great Expectations

    I am a dream kept alive
    for centuries, through thick and thin,
    peace and war,
    harvest or famine, drought or flood,... more »

  • Last Post

    They shot me down on foreign soil
    and the first sound I heard was a child’s cry
    at the moment of birth
    and I wished the child and parents well,... more »

  • Patchwork

    Dusk, a patchwork quilt spread
    over trees and meadows;
    Warren, set, foxhole, well hid
    from prying eyes;... more »

  • The Archivist

    I am she who feels her way
    to dreams, sees to it that moon and stars
    shine love’s guiding light
    through layers of darkness to reveal... more »

  • Where No Bells Toll

    There is a wood
    where we played as children
    and bluebells grow... more »