Rohit Sapra

I am a poet and artist who is Gay in feelings. I have lots of feelings for men in my heart and I will write about feelings of love, life and pain.
I love men a lot but those feelings I can only express through words because I have a sensitive heart. I really am so Gay and find men to be amazing.


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Life gives a chance to live and we can be sad or try and be happy. Nobody else will come and help you because it is actually your life and the only one who can help is you, only you.
rohit sapra
Art is my life and all these years I have drawn not to Give up. I am not giving up on art and for drawing I am prepared to face death even.
Rohit Sapra
Being loved by him feels nice because when he loves me it makes me feel special. The way he showers me with his love through his strength is truly amazing.
Rohit Sapra

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vry good