• A Mark In Life

    What a mark I made in life knowing you.
    It was mark made that was indubitably so true.

    Mark's became so engraved in my life,... more »

  • Ascent Of Divine Order

    With a bang, chaos is divided by Divine Order,
    Light is separated from the Dark in Word and Breathe.

    Divine Order gives equal power to the Light and the Dark,... more »

  • Brain Of Mind

    My brain emotionally engages questions, my mind has the spirit wisdom to solve.

    My mind gives specific answers to the questions as they revolve.... more »

  • Changes

    The Peace of mind that I am feeling as I walk in life's experiences of the shadow of death,
    rise from the evolutionary changes that are amazing in sight.
    I knew changes of sight were coming, but never so revolutionary.
    as the feeling of being protected from the evil of the night.... more »

  • Cloudscape

    Clouds streaming like islands,
    splattered in an ocean of blue liquid.
    I am challenged to keep them stationary with my eyes.... more »

  • Dawn Breaking

    Shafts of light, to start the end of night.
    The day of tomorrow shadows all sorrow.... more »

  • Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

    Decisions start with the basic question, what should I do?
    Desiring for the best in my mind,
    I sought to choose a path,
    which would lead me to a goal,... more »

  • Delicate Memories

    Memories, like a river,
    floating on top of absorbent sand.

    Streaming together,... more »

  • Dimensional Life

    In the beginning was the cosmos.

    Within the cosmos was the galaxies.... more »

  • Dreams

    Fantasy or reality, as I dream in life.
    Dreams formulated by mind or spirit.... more »

  • Father Talk

    I wanted to talk to my "Father" today.
    so I called HIS son "Jesus", my brother,
    to get a direct line to HIM.... more »

  • Free Spirit

    Senses open,
    everything is received and captured,
    all is retained in remembrance.
    Experiences heighten,... more »

  • Hope For Evidence

    Life, Joy, Peace, Hope with Love.
    The evidence is below as it is above.... more »

  • Imagination Of Creation

    Your imagination creates a picture of myself that you see.
    Created is something, you imagine me to be.

    Created is what you believe to exist, or just a figment of your imagination.... more »

  • Instance Of Time

    The grandest of moments can be revealed in an instance of time.
    Of that moment, the abundance, the simplicity, the depth becomes mine.... more »

  • My Love Life

    Of my love of life,
    begins the life of giving,

    Of my life of giving,... more »

  • Nine Angel's

    When I think I am alone,
    there are nine angel's offering a message of gift's,
    to make a company of two that touch and agree.
    The first angel's gift,... more »

  • Oh, That Destiny

    We crawl, step, walk, run, fly,
    then soar on a path we create.

    Oh, that Destiny.... more »

  • Possibilities

    Are they a thing offered or taken?
    Are they something asleep or awaken?... more »

  • Power Of Forgiveness


    Forgive us our sin's, as we forgive those that sin against us.... more »

  • Seasons Of The Sun

    The Sun,
    action without motion,
    perennial seasons exhaled with radiated breathe,
    that renews the existence of the universe.... more »

  • Secret Breathe

    From an infinite exhaled breathe blown soft and strong,
    is a consecrated secret that revolves around.

    Backwards and forward, inside and out,... more »

  • Soul Garden

    As I left the garden of my soul, I saw all the right that could have been.
    I realized the wrong choices made, without discernment seen.

    Knowledge not acquired nor deserved, was earned by blood, sweat and tears.... more »

  • Spacetime

    What is this space that is of time?
    It's a question of time asked,
    and answered in the space of my mind.... more »

  • The 3 'R's'

    As I deal with life's state of fact's,
    I seek to control opportunity with blame recessed.
    My required duty is of independent accountability,
    like someone possessed.... more »