• A Fake Storm

    Like a bird perches on a greening lawn in early spring,
    My eyes fell on that rare beauty and cost reason its place.
    A sudden feeling it was, and a genuine feeling I wished it were
    Wishing I could slide on dust, just to pamper if I could... more »

  • A Farewell

    My sweetheart, I can’t sing to you as I go.
    No drum could bit the chill off my heart.
    As we part, one wish will I make to you,
    Hold to it as long as I have value:... more »

  • A Fool’s Almanac

    We like to understand things
    Even beyond our levels of understanding.
    Seeking to understand what we should know,
    And never knowing what we should understand.... more »

  • A Song For Binzhou

    I saw you first a long time ago
    When you seemed just beginning to grow
    I got into your arms
    And round me you clad your arms... more »

  • Amazing “huang He”

    Calmly and elegantly you flow!
    Deeply my imagination you blow!
    Like a kingly bed is your flatness,
    Like milked-coffee is your brownness!... more »

  • Battle For Life

    Like the lion, we want to be,
    Holding everyone suspect,
    And thinking its flesh is fresh.... more »

  • Bin Zhou

    To Her I came for sustenance!
    In Her open arms I sheltered, though still trembling;
    Because Her arms remained wide open to fall out of
    Though still vulnerable or so I felt,... more »

  • Birthday Smile

    On your birthday, I was happy,
    For I knew you wouldn’t be catty.
    I felt I could call you ‘honey’,
    But I feared you could be funny.... more »

  • Bossing The Boss

    See me the way I am
    Take me for whom I am
    Know me for what I am
    And then, you’ll know real me!... more »

  • For Being Black

    For being Black, I am feared;
    But by some I am revered.
    Because I am Black explorers “Treat” me.
    Since I have darker skin employers cheat me.... more »

  • Hao Peng You

    May that radiant smile that’s always
    On your face
    Continue to glow,
    Because it makes friendship flow.... more »

  • Inaudible Shouts

    Were it just for friendship, I would understand.
    Because, it can start and end with or no jingles!
    Were it just because you are a beauty, and I, a male,
    I would think it is why I need you!... more »

  • Judgment Days

    Does Man become animal?
    Or animals become Men?
    Who thinks? Who feels? Who cares? !
    True that; Man is able to think.... more »

  • Lie Lie Juju-Man

    Just promises you never stop making
    Promises you never can deliver.
    Promises you’ve made, promises forgotten
    “Strong Juju-Man” you claim to be... more »

  • Life’s Blues

    I still kiss you in my dreams
    And dream about you when I kiss
    I’ll regain you someday, it seems.
    You are the only thing I really miss!... more »

  • Mei Guo

    You are in everyone and in everything,
    Spoken of by everyone.
    Your seven-lettered name evokes reactions.
    Good are some, bad are others:... more »

  • Memories

    Out in the night so dark
    I crave a moon so blue!
    Wishing even lightning would spark
    Just so I can see you!... more »

  • Mothers In Women

    Long are their hours of labour!
    Servants with no eye on the clock…
    In this slow drowning aridity!
    Still protesting; though no longer in tight holes!... more »

  • My Own Country

    People talk and people invite or visit
    Talk about Home, invite or visit Home
    People visit and visit again and maybe again
    ‘Cos there’s something to talk about or visit... more »

  • My Queen

    I know I don’t know much,
    But I know how much I love you
    I know I don’t have much,
    But I know how much I owe you... more »

  • No Tomorrow Today!

    My heart leaps before these seas of human remains.
    Is there nobody to stop it?
    The scenes have been frequent and scary!
    Nobody knows when it is coming,... more »

  • Of M.S…

    That you are beautiful, this I know
    Because we are!
    That you will come safely, this I know
    Because we pray so!... more »

  • On Living

    We would enjoy humility,
    If we were not prescribed such humility.

    Humility in character draws;... more »

  • Our Lives

    Lives like mine, from birth like an ignited engine,
    Rise and fall, as sound changes
    With the manipulation of the accelerator.
    The manipulator of whom we have but a vision.... more »

  • Our Nation – A Rulers’ Playground

    Rulers in our nation abound
    Rulers for whom Ours is a playground
    Rulers more vocal than practical
    Rulers more tactical than technical... more »