RO Roland Orcsik 1975

Roland Orcsik is born in Becse (Voivodina, Serbia) in 1975. Since ’92 he lives in Szeged (Hungary). In 2002 he finished his studys (Hungarian language and literaure), after which he started his PhD-studys (comparative literature). He works at the University of Szeged Institute of Slavonic Studies. Writes poetry, essays, critiques and translates from Ex-Yugoslavian languages into Hungarian. So far he published three books of poems: Rozsdamaró (Rub the rust off, 2002), Holdnak, Arccal (To the Moon with Face, 2007), Mahler letöltve (Mahler downloaded, 2011), the last one is translated into Serbian (Skinuti Maler, 2013). His poems are translated in English, Croatian, Romanian, Slovenian and Serbian languages.



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