• An Indian's Song

    I hear the spirit singing
    and I am very old
    I know that he is bringing
    a shelter from the cold.... more »

  • Burma Nights

    I shant forget these nights in Burma
    Sheltered from torrential rains
    With bamboo walls and bamboo ceilings
    And dripping bamboo window panes... more »

  • Every Second, Every Hour

    Truest love, thou art my all
    My sounding drum, my fortress wall
    A gentle brook, a pretty flower
    Every second, every hour... more »

  • Her Portrait

    Her portrait hangs upon the wall
    At the top of the winding stairs
    And once her voice was heard to call
    From these empty rooms and chairs... more »

  • Madeline

    She was young and sweet and saint-like when we laid her in the grave
    With hair the shade of Auburn, flowing 'cross her breast in waves
    Her lips looked soft and gentle, as if she simply slumbered
    We gave her body back to dust, her soul left unencumbered... more »

  • My Rocking Horse

    Beneath the moon she gallops
    Fearless? Yes, and brave.
    The rider boldly seeking
    Kingdoms he may save.... more »

  • The Appian Way

    Your walls have crumbled down to dust
    Your memory's in decay
    While time records your earthly lust
    with statues by the way... more »

  • The Ghost Ship

    A ghost ship rides the waves at night
    But she is seldom seen
    Save when the Captain lights the light
    And sails 'er in to Aberdeen... more »

  • The Lost Soul

    I have been too reserved
    Spent too many days in fear
    Taken less than I deserved
    Too tightly I adhere...... more »

  • The Open Door

    Abuse came in through the open door
    We invited him in and lent him the floor
    He made himself comfortable and started to grin
    Yeah I remember the day when Abuse came in... more »

  • The Reaper

    Death has raised his sickle high
    The winds prepare for chaff to fly
    Life in death, the grain sustains
    The hungry children from the plains... more »

  • The Sister

    The hallowed convent halls have held her
    In quiet repose for fifty years
    Sometimes she wonders if it's been worth
    All the struggle, sorrow, pain and tears... more »

  • The Used To Be

    What happens to our yesterdays?
    Do they yet exist in time?
    I should like to see the used to be
    And relive again the rhyme... more »