I was born in Ukraine in 19963. Graduated from Kharkiv State University with degree in experimental nuclear physics in 1987. From then on worked doing research in physics till 1996 when I moved with my wife and child to Australia where I still am.

My son was born in 1997 and my step daugther in 1991. They both live with me. Their mom lives in New Zealand.

I work for the same software company where I started in 1998 as a support consultant. I first started writing poetry when I was looking for a woman to marry. Then inspiration was coming and leaving me periodically thru my life. Most of my poetry is in Russian.


Roman Golubev Poems

February. To Get Some Ink And Cry! (My Translation Of Boris Pasternak's Poem)

February. To get some ink and cry!
To write about February in sobs,
While rumbling slush is
Burning with the wet-black soils.... more »

Embrace Your Pain

Embrace your pain.
It’s your best friend for now.
It is your child, your partner and your lover.... more »

What Is It That Keeps Me

What is it that keeps me
hanging around in this world
full of frustration?
Is it my solitude full of music... more »

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