• 1,048 Miles

    1,048 miles away
    So far yet you’re so close
    Still wishing I could reach out and pull you closer
    So I could feel your touch... more »

  • Complicated Relations

    Complicated relations
    Your love is my sedation
    Blinding me with your lust
    Thirsty for just a kiss... more »

  • Loving You Is So Hard To Do

    Loving you is so hard to do
    Knowing you don’t love me back
    I can’t comprehend why
    I’m not good enough... more »

  • Me Without You

    Without you I’m useless like Mc Donalds with no chicken nuggets
    A remote control without batteries
    A bathroom with no toilet
    Life without you would be shitty... more »

  • The Last Hour

    Tears of blood
    Flood my world
    As I grip this pen
    My world starts to spin... more »