• Even Crooked Trees Grow Straight Down South

    Click here to listen to "Even Crooked Trees Grow Straight Down South" Over in Allen Town, where tent shows attract fancy sheets!
    A dark field hand, was hurled back to Turkey Creek!
    Running feet making curling sounds,
    A moonlit night chasing souls to the ground!... more »

  • Luke And Duke

    Click here to listen to "Luke and Duke" Sleepless nights and wishful days, to eat the dish of plenty, oh if we may!
    One twin, one sis, plotted against Viola's locked niche,
    Filled with confectionery sweetness and candy cane twist!
    Their craving tooth, sent Luke ad Duke flying under the coop! Twelve bars and several boxes later,... more »

  • When Saigon Was Young

    Click here to listen to "When Saigon Was Young" When Saigon was young, scared boys came with guns!
    Scouting river rats, hooches, bunkers and motor tons,
    Flying roaches, choppers, bees and birds that hum,
    When Saigon was young! When Saigon was young, brave sons came shooting for fun!... more »