• A Woman's Love

    Every man in a life
    Should know the love of a woman,
    A love with passion sustained beyond the night,
    A love more devoted than to its own breath,... more »

  • Caribbean Blue

    This poem was written for an elderly lady, Haydee Cansada. She was born into position and wealth in Cuba, but had to leave when Castro came to power. She lived in a small apartment in our town to be near her brother, her closest remaining relative. I took Spanish lessons from her and the reference to an owl comes from a discussion we had about why the owl is a symbol of wisdom. She longed for the chance to see Cuba again but it never happened. I wrote this for her as a present while she was still alive.

    Caribbean Blue... more »

  • Final Hug

    Eons stretching beyond belief
    Now mean nothing but what we see,
    With none more precious than this day
    To him, knowing so few remained,... more »

  • I Shall Wait

    If death were as peaceful slumber
    Sailing on a gentle sea
    With cooling warmth from summer breezes
    And drifting there were she with me... more »

  • Modest Lady

    Lift your eyes, modest lady.
    Reticent, sidelong
    glances faintly reflect
    the direction of your... more »

  • Shades Of Gray

    Standing by the water's edge, I think
    Of her and cinch my collar close to void
    The chilling breeze. She said.............. more »

  • Sounds Unseen

    Water on the moonlit lake is smooth.
    So smooth, surface ripples swirl
    In diverse directions from an invisible hand
    Of the breeze which I neither hear nor feel.... more »

  • This Wisp, Happiness

    Love's lofty ambition
    And the measure of Heaven,
    More sought than gold,
    Though through golden means,... more »

  • Timidity And Pride

    Why glamorize a shooting star
    Stealing swiftly through the darkened night,
    Fleet and silent as a craven thief
    Streaking so to cheat the dawning light?... more »

  • To A Fallen Leaf In Autumn

    You, leaf, lying wilted and wasted,
    You, blissful child, too soon taken
    From a life you never tasted.... more »

  • Two Old Men

    Two old men together
    In a small cafe downtown
    Near the corner talked
    About good old days.... more »

  • Where Is The Time

    The clock’s illuminated eye
    Portrays in numerated scheme,
    As notes, in song, pass on once heard,
    A pulse inclined so not to dwell... more »

  • Winter's Demise

    Vibrant rays of sun rain down,
    Splash and cover all around -
    Resplendent colors, yellow, green
    Of crocuses and mown grass sheen.... more »

  • You Never Know About People

    Have you ever seen a gentlewoman
    Having sex with a man,
    Flat on his back with a broken leg
    In a cast, confined to bed,... more »