• Am Your Brother Despite

    What of the brother?
    The iron manacle by the neck
    The long trammel hauling our preen
    The shackles on the feet... more »

  • Besides The Death

    Besides that long thing
    Have I seen a terrible wrath
    And I having held up not to sing
    Did I see her eye in a lovely search... more »

  • Blue Love

    Well tell mother, her smile is a light
    Its a flashing gold-ray from a sourse so bright
    But if love is for love, then mother
    You deserve the love, its blue, so blue... more »

  • But With No Strength For Word

    Glossy lips like Xenson's oil painting
    And you will crave with that wanting
    And her being her, you will keep on waiting
    A captivating stare with shadowy eyes gazing... more »

  • Cold Sun In The Summer

    The sky being such overcasted
    I for love did clamour
    For what cause made me resented
    Like a cold sun in the summer... more »

  • Dance To The Clouds

    Let's dance to the clouds, beholder of ancient beauty
    For eclipse paint hidden emotion in poet's duty
    Hold me like that, that twinkling stars may fickle with colour
    I am close to you, your hair brushing me, in this poet's palour... more »

  • Death Cast A Shadow

    Death caught me, past lines fading
    And I met the eyes of my maker
    And tell you what, it's quite chilling
    Living past lines of the quiet seeker... more »

  • Facing It Another Day

    Facing it another day

    A dark shadow cast by men
    A fretting look women hold in eyes then... more »

  • Find That Line

    Wish I would find that line
    That contour men find in the shadow of damsel eyes
    That when she looks in my eyes I may find
    The diminuendos and crescendos of my life... more »

  • For Baby, Oh Baby

    When I wake up early in the morning
    I see your lovely face
    Your cheeks like pretty pink roses
    It takes my breath away... more »

  • For Me To Pull

    Short verse is verse, if pink is not reverse
    So tell me of the fire that lit up the desire
    For am not wise but a fool
    If nothing remains for me to pull... more »

  • Golden

    Golden vessels fit for golden bodies
    And if golden hearts are not given to golden poets
    What shall I bestow of this golden thought?
    A golden ship awaits, a golden suit case... more »

  • Hackneyed Signal

    It has been my hallo
    For I have been pushed in a narrow hall
    And this year with its fret hail
    Did welcome me with this haggle... more »

  • Home, Sweet Home,

    Home, sweet home,

    Home, sweet home,
    There near the brown water river... more »

  • I Held The Wire

    So shall i tell her of the time
    The glorious moment of the rhyme
    In that same day i held the wire
    She, with such a chance borrowed the fire... more »

  • I Will Die Young

    For a country denoted with anarchy
    For a soul tormented and headache
    For time that fry by
    For the tears we cant hold and cry... more »

  • I Will Write

    I will write down
    Lest you too will pity me
    Yet I know the reality
    That your pity will not cure... more »

  • It's Now

    I find petals past lining prints
    And I call it fine for awareness's hints
    And we travel, by night and by day
    And when our hope fades what shall we say?... more »

  • Little By Little

    Little by little
    I will spell it out little by little
    And tell how my life trend little by little
    Those moments that sweep me away little by little... more »

  • Memories Of The War

    Memories of the war

    When they came to us we stood
    For we were the men meant to stand... more »

  • Muwala Wa Hajji

    Spill warm single syllables in ever re-sounding crescendos
    That with admiration I will sing with lyrical diminuendos
    Tell me Muwala wa Hajji
    When you wake up before that suhoor... more »

  • Nyonjo


    I remember it all, what they say
    That Nyonjo would always remain... more »

  • Past Swaying Breeze

    Past swaying breeze
    Far past swaying breeze, the lines are found
    The heart of a man stole, and mind not sound
    If death holds it against me, my referee I point up the cloud... more »

  • Pun Of Her

    If I told her
    I will meet her
    In the tar... more »

  • Roses Too Have Thorns

    If for once you thought there was beauty
    It's a lie that has crossed your thought's duty
    Gold too holds dust
    And iron too does rust... more »