• All Of The Above

    I will write until I'm hollowed out, until the well is empty and I can fill it up with…
    For the first time in my adult life I am a blank page. And I don't resent it. So who am I?
    Tragic hero?... more »

  • All The Worlds A Rage

    Enraged baby authoritarians
    Take a much need break from manufacturing outrage
    To deliver death threats, fresh outta the oven
    (No, not those ovens)... more »

  • By The Time

    By the time
    I stopped spinning
    I had forgotten what I came here for
    Perhaps I just wanted to be seen... more »

  • Dire Traits

    They built great big beige behemoths
    That held something terribly important
    Out by the old train track
    Ending morosely in it's abruptness... more »

  • Dogs Are Sadists

    Dogs are sadists
    But they can't help it
    The squeak in the squeaky toy
    Is what enraptured them... more »

  • Fort Bragg

    Deer skull crown
    For a backwoods King
    Hidden in the dark
    Waiting for the spring... more »

  • Haunted By You

    With, or at you
    Makes no difference at all
    Hyenas they come... more »

  • Hot Hot

    I want your eyes to invade me
    When my spirit is sick
    Need your thighs to enclave me... more »

  • I Needed Today

    I needed today
    Not like a hole in the head
    But like fresh water after the Gobi
    Like just-released-from-prison sex... more »

  • I Woke Up

    I woke up
    To birds chirping
    Wind chimes tinkling
    Dogs barking... more »

  • It's A Jolly Life, And Short

    Oh, no
    He's only 26 years old
    Labelled "refuse"
    Can't peel it off... more »

  • Love

    ... more »

  • Medusa Of The Stupor

    The opium serpent slithers into my line of sight,
    Casually distorts my focus and resolutely occupies the base of my spine
    She’s colorless and odorless
    And she takes for granted my frantic embrace... more »

  • Merry Christmas

    Winter eve, the slightest sound
    Crackles like ice in a glass of scotch
    Like flames lapping at defeated wood
    My mechanical heart in key with my watch... more »

  • New Yawk

    Here I sit on this subway
    Rocking, swaying, hurtling towards everything
    And nothing much
    This city is arrayed like a high priestess... more »

  • North Beach

    A smile on legs.
    A smile on legs is sashaying down the narrow sidewalk, guiding two befuddled Caucasians wearing the word “gringo” like a badge of honor.
    “Coffee? Yes come here. You don’t want anything else? ”
    He’s leading em on a merry chase, he is... more »

  • Rolling Like A Freight Train

    Whiskey, nicotine, weed, meth, Vicodin, klonipin
    All begrudgingly combined to create a monster,
    An adventurous zombie,
    Losing motor skills faster that the orbit of mercury... more »

  • Stride Into An Orange Dawn

    Look into yourself and see only you
    The past is past so let it rest then fade
    Stride into an orange dawn and a tonic dew... more »