• Broken

    Something's broken through - what is it?
    It's freed me from the chains that bound me
    bound me to my fear and doubt
    It's opened my eyes with a bright brand new vision.... more »

  • Brown And Yellow

    What shows confusion?
    A swirling mass of colors
    Of thoughts and dreams
    Of whys and what ifs... more »

  • Cuatro Chicos Occupado Mi Dulces

    Glorious passion glows from him
    He grins from ear to ear
    In serving the One, the One brought one
    To match him zeal for zeal.... more »

  • Desire Uncomfort

    See what you miss with both feet on the ground
    Refusing the risk of the rain
    But lift up with both feet
    Love's labour's not lost... more »

  • Elements Of Ecstasy

    Exquisite bliss, unabashed reveling,
    Stormy, breathtaking, exhilarating sky
    Wind whips around, hair surrenders to the unruly
    Thunderclouds and vibrant sunshine collide.... more »

  • Exposure

    Nonexistence is reality
    Or nonreality, in truth
    I don't feel bad but I don't feel good
    And there's no reason for either anyway.... more »

  • Full Circle

    Seeds scattered
    A life transplanted
    She serves Him, seeks
    Him, sees Him, knows... more »

  • Full-Length

    Imagination is
    Spinning, Flying
    Two eyes stare
    Mirrored figure... more »

  • Graceful

    An alliterative poem.

    Everything good is God's grace
    Every hand we hold, we have... more »

  • Hawk

    A brilliant white
    A shocking swath
    Streaking down, crossing sight
    Bearing bellies black as night.... more »

  • Hero

    Spread the feet, hands on hips
    Give a look of dark defiance
    Stretch strong arms, mark the dirt
    Expose the sword that's from of old.... more »

  • Holes

    Sometimes I just don't understand
    Why I'm at my own command... more »

  • Of Puzzles And Treasures

    Life starts now
    Each breath begins something new
    A fresh opportunity, like a match struck in the dark
    It heaves eagerly.... more »

  • Reserve

    Why do girls
    See first the eyes
    Though eyes are first
    In line of sight... more »

  • Thunder

    A cascade of sound
    Ripples down
    Aimed at ground
    Wraps around... more »

  • Two Eyes On Sunset

    Instant glow on the horizon
    Warms freshly as its color
    Shadows starkly resonating
    Gliding gently down to fade... more »

  • Unwalked

    She smiles for joy
    Her madman is found
    He spoke the sound
    She waited for,... more »