• A Corner Of My Mind

    In a corner of my mind, you’re still here
    Even though you’ve been long gone
    In a corner of my mind, I still feel your touch
    Even though it's been so long... more »

  • All Of The

    All of the mistakes that I now regret
    All of the memories still replay in my head
    All of the days that turned into night
    All of the sweet words that turned into fights... more »

  • All The Tears

    All the lies that I believed
    Everything you said to me
    Did'nt really mean a thing... more »

  • Blinded

    Blinded by the light
    I want to close my eyes
    From all the pain I feel
    That I've been trying to hide... more »

  • Chasing After Her

    The pieces that she left behind
    The scars left on my heart
    The memories stuck in my head
    Are tearing me apart... more »

  • Different

    She wanted something different
    But it always ended the same
    She loved him until the last tear
    And let go of the pain... more »

  • Distraction

    Give me a distraction
    I don't want to think
    Something I could look at
    Something I could drink... more »

  • Down On My Heart

    Gravity is pulling me down
    My mind is drifting away
    And even though it's over now
    I really wish you wanted to stay... more »

  • Forever

    Trying to pick up all the pieces
    Of my pathetic heart
    Wondering why you left me
    Knowing I would fall apart... more »

  • Forgetting

    Because you're gone
    And you're not coming back

    Why can't we be together?... more »

  • Her Eyes

    Her eyes are begging me not to go
    But I know that I must
    Her body is calling out to me
    Longing for my touch... more »

  • I'M Gone

    You thought you had me but you should’ve known better
    You look like an angel but you’re just like the devil
    You’re begging on your knees but I don’t care
    Now I know for sure that there’s nothing there... more »

  • Impossible Love

    We were only kids
    We were free and running wild
    You never said you loved me
    But I could see it in your smile... more »

  • Johnny

    Johnny is so lonely
    He's been lonely for a while
    You don't know how hard I try
    Just to make him smile... more »

  • Letting Go

    It's raining, I haven't seen the sun for days
    Even when it does shine, I'll just look away
    My skies were golden, but they faded to grey
    I'm feeling like he left me hanging on... more »

  • Losing Control

    You had your chance
    And you messed up
    I knew in my heart
    Our love would never be good enough... more »

  • Lost Love

    She didn't want to lose him
    But she's losing herself
    And she's slowly dying
    As he lives for someone else... more »

  • Love Gone Astray

    The broken hearted girl
    Who just can't let it go
    I try to hide the pain
    But now and then it shows... more »

  • Love Held Back

    My head is spinning
    I don't know what to think
    It's like I don't know how to act
    And I don't know who to be... more »

  • Love Hurts

    I watched a love
    Break like glass
    I've seen the tragedy
    Of when it all crashed... more »

  • Love Lost

    Blue skies always turn to grey
    And everything ends the same way
    And just like the seasons
    He had me believing... more »

  • Meant To Last

    A part of me
    My other half
    This love is rare
    And meant to last... more »

  • My Reminder

    I needed a reminder
    Of who I am inside
    I forgot what was true
    And got lost in a lie... more »

  • Separate Ways

    We said our silent goodbyes
    Cried our silent tears
    And ignored all the penetrating thoughts
    of what is, and what used to be.... more »

  • Snooze

    He liked me because I was the light in his dark little world
    I happily licked the salt from his wounds.
    I felt less than confident
    I found a happy go lucky girl... more »