First book published was called 'A Pathway through the Seasons'. It is an anthology based on the turning of the year with all its associated customs, history and folklore. Produced all colour and black/white illustrations. Also song lyric writer, collaborating with husband Sussex fiddle player Garry Blakeley (Feast of Fiddles) . They created ‘The Ceremony of May’ and 'The Wheel of the Year'. I am writing and illustrating a new book on English history, legend and folklore called 'Echoes of England' to be published in 2014/15.


Rose Blakeley Poems

The Last Post

Softly falls the autumn leaf,
Then silently it lies with a sigh of relief;
On the stone of the Cenotaph it rests now, quite still,
As with the beauty of Elgar the air it does fill.... more »

Autumn Lanes

Winding lanes my footsteps trace,
Now covered in the leaves’ elaborate lace,
The giant, blazing trees, restlessly sway
Ov’ where their conkers and acorns lay.... more »

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