• A Complaint

    YOU'VE stolen all our mushrooms !
    When friends come in to tea
    In Fairyland it is the rule
    To offer them a satin stool ;... more »

  • A Fairy Went A-Marketing

    A FAIRY went a-marketing

    She bought a little fish;
    She put it in a crystal bowl... more »

  • A Strange Pair

    THE witch, the witch that lives in the wood
    Is not very pretty and not very good ;
    Her face is brown and her eyes are black,... more »

  • A Visitor

    I HEARD a little tiny noise behind the cup-
    board door

    And something soft and small and quick
    flashed right across the floor.... more »

  • At Dawn

    THOUGH the fairies meet by night

    In the moonlit spaces,
    Often in the morning light... more »

  • Best

    I LIKE to wear my party frock

    That Auntie bought in town,

    My patent shoes with shiny toes,... more »

  • Cat's Cradle

    ALTHOUGH it has a jolly name
    Cat's cradle is a funny game
    I like to play it all the same.... more »

  • Consolation

    You may be very ugly and freckledy and

    And have a little stubby nose that's not a... more »

  • Differences

    DADDY goes a-riding in a motor painted grey,

    He makes a lot of snorty noise before he gets away ;

    The fairies go a-riding when they wish to take their... more »

  • Every Fairy Has A Star

    EVERY fairy has a star
    Where all her tiny treasures are,
    And there her faithful gnome,
    As soon as she goes out at night... more »

  • Fairies

    THERE are fairies at the bottom of our garden!
    It's not so very, very far away;
    You pass the gardner's shed and you just keep straight ahead -
    I do so hope they've really come to stay.... more »

  • Fairies And Chimneys

    You know the smoke from chimneys-
    It often isn't smoke,

    It's nothing but the fairies
    Having such a joke.... more »

  • Fairy Lore

    FAIRIES learn to dance before they learn to

    walk ;
    Fairies learn to sing before they learn to... more »

  • Fairy Lullaby For A Mortal

    SLEEP, oh sleep, for the night is still ;
    The friendly moon peers over the hill ;
    Cradled soft on the bosom of night... more »

  • Fairy Song

    DANCE, little friend, little friend breeze,
    Low among the hedgerows, high among the trees ;
    Fairy partners wait for you, oh, do not miss your
    chance,... more »

  • Have You Watched The Fairies?

    HAVE you watched the fairies when the rain is done
    Spreading out their little wings to dry them in the
    sun?... more »

  • I Don't Like Beetles

    I DON'T like beetles, tho' I'm sure they're very good,
    I don't like porridge, tho' my Nanna says I should;
    I don't like the cistern in the attic where I play,... more »

  • I Stood Against The Window

    I STOOD against the window

    And looked between the bars,
    And there were strings of fairies... more »

  • I Stood Against The Window

    I STOOD against the window

    And looked between the bars,
    And there were strings of fairies... more »

  • If

    IF I were a bird with a dear little nest

    I should always be going for flights,
    I'd fly to the North and the South and the West... more »

  • If You Meet A Fairy

    IF you meet a fairy
    Don't run away ;
    She won't want to hurt you,
    She'll only want to play.... more »

  • In Bond Street

    UPON her little velvet hat

    A silken tassel hung,
    And to the very end of that... more »

  • Mice

    I think mice

    Are rather nice.

    There tails are long,... more »

  • Mother

    WHEN mother comes each morning

    She wears her oldest things,
    She doesn't make a rustle,... more »

  • Peacocks

    PEACOCKS sweep the fairies' rooms;

    They use their folded tails for brooms;

    But fairy dust is brighter far... more »