RMJ Rose Marie Juan Austin

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Writing is a daunting and solitary endeavor. Yet, words come alive, they sing and dance right before your very eyes.
Rebellion is a descendant of harsh hands.
Rose Marie Juan- Austin
I hate to be in the middle. People from the right and left wings will be hitting me.
Rose Marie Juan-Austin

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Rose Marie Juan Austin is one of the few poets on PH I love to read and enjoy her poems.
Rose Marie, is one of the finest poetess on PH, The passion with which she writes takes readers by surprise. Her poems are treat for Soul. I wish her Good Luck.
Rose Marie Juan Austin is among poets I visit often. Some of her poems touch the deepest core of one's within. I love reading her poems. The beauty of her poems perhaps come from her lucid expressions and said with simplicity. I wish her well.
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