Rose Marie Juan Austin Comments (49)

Rose Marie Juan Austin is a promising poetess and a great reviewer. I discover her as a wonderful poetess and a very nice person. She is an asset to poem Hunter. Her poem entitled, ‘Just A Wink Of An Eye’ is one of the best modern poems so far I have read. I wish her a sparkling literary future!
Rose Marie is a wonderful poet, dealing with varied subjects with utmost ease. Her command over vocabulary is commendable. The poems, irrespective of the subject it covers, always stays close to life. I wish a very creative life ahead.
Rose Marie Juan Austin doesn't merely touch her pen when writing poetry, this wondrous woman touches the face of God. The eloquence, elegance and honesty in A Rose Marie Juan Austin poem is more than enchanting it's sublime. I thank you so much dear Rose.
A great poetess of spontaneous angel of human heart, , , The nightingale of the land...God bless you...Love ///
A great poetess with beautiful mind....God bless you.
Rose has poetry flowing through her being. Her poems express everything she feels.
''Writing is a daunting and solitary undertaking. Yet, phrases come alive, they sing and dance proper before your very eyes.' > > > > > > > >
Rose for Rose Marie (For Rose Marie Juan-austin) Roses speak with their colors. What kind of rose do I give to your letters: Red, white or yellow? It's all the same because I would choose the right one. Still, I give you a Pink rose. It is a symbol of elegance and refinement. She wants to show my gratitude and admiration for your letters. You are a poetess: Imagine you took it, imagine it scent and be forever Pink.
I have discovered a beautiful poetess. You too should read all these lovely poems.
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