RN rose nite 8-5-1995

Hi my name is really Christina ashley Countryman. but i use my nick name which is rose nite. i go to kenndy high school as a freshman, im in their jrotc, and i aslo go to the edgewoods fine arts acdamey for musical theory and jazz dance. im 16 years old. i live with my mom, stepdad, sister and brother and my stepdads grandmother. my passion is writing poems or writing songs. i play the panio and guitar as well. im a beginner at both. i aslo sing. i started writing poems this year. when i write poems it helps me realse the strees or its just something to do for fun. i also love to read. im a very open person but it takes time to understand the way i think an feel. my best friend is jonpaul zamora (aka jp) . hes been there for me since the day that we met. hes my squad leader and my sergreant in my rotc class. i have many more friends but i really dont get to talk to them as much. my life is a little complaited but i manage. well i guess thats most of the things thats i should tell.



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