• And It's Not

    If being in love was an option,
    I wouldn’t love you.

    And it's not,... more »

  • Blind

    It is funny,
    When you think about it,
    How opinions can change.... more »

  • Condemned

    Only my friends,
    Can save me,
    Only they can make me see
    I’ve got something to live for.... more »

  • Dead Inside

    You are with her,
    And she is with you.
    And it is with this,
    That my pain grew.... more »

  • Fantasy

    I was your fleeting fantasy,
    And I came when you called.

    But now, my tormentor,... more »

  • Final

    The barbed wires
    Of your memory
    Strangle me in tears.
    I feel the world crumble around my head,... more »

  • Ignorance

    My heart is heavy as led,
    Just walking through a fog.
    Everything seems clear..
    And then I raise my head.... more »

  • Leave Me To Bleed

    You shrug it off,
    You turn your head,
    Deny the truth,
    And leave me for dead.... more »

  • Lost

    I guess,
    When you think about it,
    People like to be lost.
    Away from the problems onto which they were tossed.... more »

  • Love

    Can never be true,
    For that is what I thought,
    I felt for you.... more »

  • Sometime

    I'm sitting on a time bomb,
    Lets call it my life.
    I'm sitting on the sidewalk,
    While fingering the knife.... more »

  • Starvation

    A gnawing in my gut,
    That constant pain,
    I'd lasted so long -
    abstinence hard to sustain.... more »

  • Suicide Note

    I guess,
    You could call this,
    A suicide note.... more »

  • Will You Wait?

    When tears no longer speak the story,
    And yelling can’t release the pain.
    It’s when words are too little,
    And smiles too few.... more »