• Alone

    There is a place I go deep within my soul;
    where no one else can find me
    Whenever I need to be.
    It is there I stay but for a little while;... more »

  • Internet Love

    Intent on finding true love and emotional bliss
    Then why not make a thorough and searching list.
    It should at least contain these four,
    If not four, then maybe more.... more »

  • The White Bouquet

    Blossoms of pure white; larger than life.
    Blooming in my heart, long after the strife.
    Your fragrance seeped into my soul,
    with love, warmth and a peace I long to know.... more »

  • What If?

    What If?

    What if - everyone in the world treated each other with respect and kindness?
    What if – we could communicate problems effectively before they become issues?... more »