RVS RoseAnn V. Shawiak October 6,1950

Just a quick note, there's a person who keeps using different names and trashing my poetry, mainly because
he/she doesn't have a clue about poetry or the writing of it. We poets observe nature, humanity, life, death, etc. our poetry is inspired through what we observe, feel, hear. So whoever is the garbage mouth, needs to
stop being a critic, because you know nothing about writing poetry. Hope this person is not also bothering and other great poets on here. Jealousy I figure.
Still having medical issues, but dealing with them, I hope to get back on ph as much as possible.

Hope everyone is doing fine, just got out of the hospital again, have had three surgeries, two of them in the last month and a half. Haven't been able
to get on ph for a while. Will be back eventually.

A musician friend of mine is putting my poetry to music, we're making a CD now and will be bringing it to radio stations here in Phoenix. Three other musicians also want to work together to put my poetry to music. (Country-Western, Jazz and Blues) ,

Also,4th book has now been published here in Phoenix, title is " Arizona's Poetical Horizons" . Pictures all in color, most of them my own that I've taken over the years while camping all over Arizona.

Almost finished with another book about our Veterans and the sacrifices they and their families have gone through to protect Americans. And a 4th book, " Reality Of Imagination" for children just started putting together.

All kinds of good things happening in this poet's life, will be going to India once again to meet with poets and musicians. Planning on leaving April 18th if all goes as planned.

My book, " A Bereaved Poet" has been published here in the U.S. and is doing very well here in Phoenix, Arizona, it is in it's fourth printing! .

My publisher in Africa said that my book is now on Amazon in the U.S.A. it's called " Zones Of Pleasure" , people here in the U.S. are buying it. Thank you for your patience, encouragement and support, I totally appreciate and value you and your comments. Thank you, RoseAnn V. Shawiak, a mere poet.

Posting poetry written in and about India here on ph, hope you like it, would love to hear your comments on it. Will get back to reading everyone's poetry soon, have been in and out of the hospital so please bear with me. Thank you for your encouragement and prayers.

Wishing to thank everyone for reading so many of my poems each and every day, you are the reason I am on this site! Would greatly appreciate any comments you may have on my poetry, they are always a learning experience.
Received a Certificate Of Appreciation in recognition of an important contribution to the ongoing fight against hatred and intolerance in America. My name has been added to the Wall of Tolerance in Montgomery, Alabama to provide inspiration to all those who choose to take a stand against hatred. Presented by: Morris Dees, Founder, Southern Poverty Law Center

Won the Golden Poet Award five years in a row, am in Who's Who in Poetry. Have self-published 31 books of poetry. Twenty more books have just been proofread and I'll be self-publishing them soon. Also, have over 23,000 poems typed into the computer and need to print, proofread and sort them into books to be self-published. Right now I'm behind in putting 70 handwritten books of poems into the computer in book form and then proof and sort them into books also.


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God is very holy within, it is I who keep tarnishing Him.
2: 16 p.m. 2/16/94 Copyright: February,1994.
Whatever will be, cannot be known until it is. That is the tremendous burden of being human.
I am who I am, until I am not.
The eternal question - who am I?

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Hi RoseAnn I am an American poet from Germany and admire your vitality and prolific Nature. Leave your critiques behind you and simply enjoy your marvelous writing. Yours truly, Paul Amrod
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