RVS RoseAnn V. Shawiak October 6,1950

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Most of these aren't even poems, they're just statements or observations!
(cont.) ... i don't know if she is a 'lady', but.......i bet she is. here's to you, RoseAnn. may you live at least a few more years, if you WANT TO. i'll keep the 'miracles workers' away from you [if i can] next time you are enjoying the 'blue petals' in Heaven. bri ;)
(cont.) .. she was 'revived' my the 'miracles of modern medicine', but i think she could have 'kicked' modern medicine...............you-know-where! ! ! and IF you don't know, just ask me! with over 23,000 poems to her 'credit' on PH, she is a 'few' over my total. [that's another joke]. when she answered the phone, she sounded like a young lady, but she isn't exactly young! (continued) ...
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