• Being Grey

    Monotonous meanderings
    I became
    Achromatic, colourless
    Possessed; my innate beauty... more »

  • Deeper

    Have you ever thought to look a little deeper?
    Behind his/her mask lie the secrets, which will unlock the truth
    The truth behind their own beauty
    Their own being... more »

  • Destruction Through Love

    In love;
    destruction comes though
    Love:... more »

  • I Am Scorn; My Love

    As I take this pen; upon this paper
    I am scorn; my love
    this is not for you but for me
    I am not torn but merely bruised... more »

  • Paved Madness

    you paved the way
    concrete driven madness
    the sky coloured grey
    creates perfect storms in your eyes... more »

  • Speaking Of

    Speaking of love
    (to give insulation
    through the coolness
    of winter)... more »

  • Trigonometry

    Imagine us adjacent
    To one another
    Adjoining forms of flesh
    I would never adjust... more »

  • Two-Eighteen Am

    Under these circumstances
    Which I find myself totally oblivious
    To your thoughts and feelings
    Totally unaware of how much/or how little... more »

  • With Your Bruises

    with your bruises
    lashes & lashes
    upon flesh
    fresh... more »