• Bound

    Its hard to explain the way I feel everytime I look into your eyes.
    I open my mouth to speak the truth, but I end up coming out with lies.
    Its been a long game and I am tired of playing
    Its been a long time and I am tired of not saying.... more »

  • Darkness

    There is a darkness in my mind.
    A voice that haunts me to my grave.
    He is my personal devil
    He is withered and cruel.... more »

  • Kiss Me

    Gentle caresses
    Dreams of tasting your lips
    Feeling your breath on my skin
    I close my eyes and imagine you there... more »

  • Tell Me The Truth

    How often does the words get whispered?
    'tell me the truth'
    How often does the words get said?
    'I cant tell you.'... more »