Hi. I'm Roxy.I like to write poems or little quotes about things in my life, or my friends. I would like to know what you think about my poems/quotes. *comment/rate* them. I'd like your advice on how i can make them better, or things you like about them. please! ! !


Roxy Gonro Poems

Happy Birthday

Today’s your birthday…
I never paid attention to your birthday before,
Never really cared,
It never really meant anything to me.... more »

If Only

A girl sits in her room all alone late at night
Looking out the window at the world below.
She cries and cries and cries.
She wonders who will save her from this hurt and pain.... more »

60 Years From Now

In today's world, we do everything to prevent growing old.
But we don't realize how special it is to grow old with someone.
To know you'll have a hand to hold while you rock back and forth in a rocking chair 60 years from now.
To know you'll still have someone to hold you tight even when your old and grey 60 years from now.... more »

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