• 1,2,3,4...

    Everyone thinks she's happy.
    But she finds herself crying when she's in her room.
    Tears fall one by one running down her cheeks,
    1,2,3,4...... more »

  • 60 Years From Now

    In today's world, we do everything to prevent growing old.
    But we don't realize how special it is to grow old with someone.
    To know you'll have a hand to hold while you rock back and forth in a rocking chair 60 years from now.
    To know you'll still have someone to hold you tight even when your old and grey 60 years from now.... more »

  • All Alone

    Dont you hate it when the people you thought were always going to be there for you,
    Who supported you through it all,
    Who encouraged you to follow your dreams,
    Who said, 'i will always be here for you.'... more »

  • Bad Day

    I had a bad day.
    Nothing went right.
    So many telling me Im not good enough.
    Tears fall through my blue saddened eyes,... more »

  • Believing Isn'T Seeing

    Some say believing in things you cant see makes you naive.
    I say it makes you that much stronger.
    To believe while in a society that tells you to forget.
    To stand up even if you're alone.... more »

  • Breaking

    You've got everybody fooled
    With all those fake laughs,
    All those fake smiles,
    All those lies.... more »

  • Change

    Change the World
    The world's both a beautiful and scary place
    The world's like a flower
    It looks beautiful and innocent... more »

  • Cheat

    Say you care for me.
    Flirt with her.
    Tell me how you miss me.
    As you hold her hand.... more »

  • Complicated

    Life is complicated and unpredictable.
    One minute you are pulling your hair
    Balling your eyes out,
    Wondering why you exist.... more »

  • Crash

    I'm a danger to myself because I let you be a danger to me.
    Too scared to drive.
    Because all I want to do is crash.
    To hear that bang.... more »

  • Darkness Is There

    Even in the sunshine,
    There's a shadow of darkness
    Even in a place full of laughs,
    There's a tear... more »

  • Death

    It comes when you least expect it.
    It comes to anyone
    Could be a friend,... more »

  • Disappointment

    In life you will be let down.
    You'll learn not to rely on anyone but yourself.
    Know that if doesnt matter what others think
    Chances are, they won't be in your life very long.... more »

  • Don'T Understand

    They don't understand
    I want to live
    I want to be free
    I want to laugh... more »

  • Doubt

    I have days when i doubt your feelings for me.
    Wonder, do you love me like I love you?
    How could anyone really love that much.
    Then you kiss me on the forehead.... more »

  • Eyes

    Why is it that we can't look into the eyes?

    The eyes let us get a look into a persons' soul.... more »

  • Falling

    Its so easy to fall for you.

    Everyday I fall faster and harder.... more »

  • Finish Line

    We all start out on the same path in life.
    But that path soon splits off into different paths.
    Some are bumpier than others,
    Some may have holes,... more »

  • Freaked

    Our love was magical
    one that seemed only to exist in fairy tales.
    Now i see it does.
    Never again will i fall so hard.... more »

  • Gamble

    I took a gamble
    The biggest gamble I will take.
    And I lost.
    I ended up losing my best friends,... more »

  • Girls Vs Boys

    Girls flirt in hope of finding a good boy.
    Boys flirt in hope of getting lucky with a good girl.
    Girls jump to fall in love.
    Boys jump to get in bed.... more »

  • Growing Apart

    ... more »

  • Hands Of Time

    In life, the hands of time don't move in reverse, we can't take back our regrets.
    So we learn to live with them.
    We can't take back our fights,
    So we try to forget about them.... more »

  • Happiness

    It seems your whole life you are unhappy.
    You don't even know what happieness feels like.
    Go along alone.
    With no one.... more »

  • Happy Birthday

    Today’s your birthday…
    I never paid attention to your birthday before,
    Never really cared,
    It never really meant anything to me.... more »