• A Cluster Of Henna And Camphire Is He

    A cluster of Henna and Camphire is He
    The Son of God Who came down to earth for me.
    No greater love has any man ever known
    Than the love that Jesus for me has shown.... more »

  • Abba

    Abba Father, the Spirit has testified
    that I am the child for whom He has died.
    An heir of God and co-heir with Jesus Christ
    sharing in His suffering and sacrifice.... more »

  • Abraham's Seed

    'God will provide, my son.' Abraham said
    as poor Isaac to the altar was led
    and there standing before them stood a ram.
    God's merciful provision for Abraham.... more »

  • Advocate

    Is there anyone who can be my Advocate? Job cried.
    'Here I am send me, ' from heaven You replied.
    The only one capable of such a task
    You only could provide what Job did ask.... more »

  • All In All

    My Lord, My God, You are my All in All
    Mighty in power and so wonderful
    as prostrate at Your feet all men shall fall
    proclaiming You their King and Lord of All.... more »

  • Fragrant Offering

    On the hill a Fragrant Offering stood.
    The Son of God hung on a cross of wood.
    The Earth grew dark and the sun hid its light
    as men stood gazing at the gruesome sight.... more »

  • God Is Always There.

    Through the good days
    and through the bad days
    God is always there.... more »

  • Life Born Of Love

    Life born of love
    Life from above
    Life everlasting
    all life surpassing... more »

  • The Day Star

    The Light is now shining in the darkest place.
    The Day Star has dawned upon the human race.
    It has risen in our hearts and shines so bright.
    Dispelling the darkness and chasing the night.... more »

  • The Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah

    There in heaven John shed great tears and sighed.
    But then, 'Weep not' one of the elders cried.
    'The secrets of the scroll can be unveiled'
    'for the Lion of Judah has prevailed.'... more »

  • Today... 'almighty God'.

    Jehovah is the Almighty God of heaven
    and worthy to be worshipped and feared by all men.
    The Creator of the heavens and earth is He
    and Author of our Salvation and destiny.... more »

  • Today... 'Angel'

    O Mighty Angel and deliverer come from heaven
    The One to whom God's great Name as been given.
    Protecting us from all harm you guide the way
    going ahead to lead as we follow and obey.... more »

  • Today... 'Angel Of God's Presence'

    Angels are servants the bidding of God they do
    But the fullness of the Godhead was dwelling in You
    The very Presence of God came to us on earth
    when You entered into this would through virgin birth.... more »

  • Today... 'Angel Of The Lord'

    An angel of the Lord before Manoah did appear.
    A name beyond human comprehension given.
    'We have seen God' Manoah cried terrified with fear
    as the Angel ascended in the flames into heaven.... more »

  • Today... 'Anointed Of The Lord'

    I have become Your Father, You are my Son
    The ends of the earth shall be Your possession
    Vainly do kings plot and conspire together
    For You will rule them with an iron sceptre... more »

  • Today... 'Architect And Builder'

    Ere time elapsed or creation began
    You drew up Your wondrous salvation plan.
    A mighty universe was to be made
    through which Your glory would be displayed... more »

  • Today... 'Author Of Eternal Salvation'

    The last eternal chapter has been written
    telling of how The Lamb of God was smitten.
    This great story of salvation I will tell
    of the Saviour who has saved my soul from hell.... more »

  • Today... 'Author Of Peace'

    No more fighting for the world will be at peace
    all the killing will stop and all wars will cease.
    So do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid
    for the Author of Peace the ransom has paid.... more »

  • Today... 'Awesome God'

    This Awesome God is the creator of all
    and before His throne the angels prostrate fall.
    He who measures the universe with a span
    is unapproachable by mere mortal man.... more »

  • Today... 'Beginning Of The Creation Of God'

    In the beginning was the Word.
    Before the dawn of time He stood.
    Spoke creations word 'Let there be'
    beginning this worlds destiny.... more »

  • Today... 'Belovèd'

    Oh wondrous Son born of love Divine.
    God had said 'Belovèd Son of mine.'
    The word of God proclaimed from above
    'Jesus is the Son of my great love.'... more »

  • Today... 'Belovèd Son'

    When up the mountain the disciples went
    And as the bright cloud began its' descent
    God proclaimed 'This is my Belovèd Son'
    'He is My Servant and the Chosen One'... more »

  • Today... 'Blessèd And Only Potentate'

    No mortal man can bear the awesome sight
    of the One in unapproachable light
    Blessèd and only Potentate from heaven
    To Him all honour and power is given.... more »

  • Today... 'Blessing For All Nations'

    Through Jesus all the nations shall be blessed
    for the Son of God is their Righteousness.
    Great Blessing for All Nations by Gods' grace
    for Gentiles shall be justified by faith.... more »

  • Today... 'Bread'

    Manna of Heaven coming from God
    walked with us and earths pathways trod.
    Come let's taste and see that the Lord is good
    and not just settle for plain earthly food... more »