• Bye, My Love

    Its not via my heart, my ways and means I turn my back,
    I even don’t want to walk away,
    But even if I stay,
    Whatever leads us a stray,... more »

  • Confused

    I know when I have a feeling,
    That which moves my heart,
    Makes me a slave to loneliness
    Moves me in circles,... more »

  • Gone, And Never Seen Back

    The sun just set,
    The hundredth moment
    Still seeing the minute you left,
    My life semi perfect,... more »

  • In Silence!

    Today I grow in silence,
    An isolated trail,
    A secret tale,
    No tags of praise,... more »

  • Right Through My Eye

    If there is tomorrow I have many plans
    If I knee it comes with certainty,
    Would there be aches, or cold breathes?... more »

  • Tailor Made Men

    I too want one like him,
    A Romeo, maybe fourth generational Jacob
    A man with much intent,
    Loyal to my heart,... more »

  • Worries Never End

    There is always a statement to be made
    A word to be spoken
    A story to be told
    And a tale to reflect about... more »