• 1492-1992

    An Old World. A New World.
    Five hundred years hence. Christopher Columbus sets sail.
    With all the Universe in suspense. A white man. A red man.
    A tragedy apart. Disease strikes. Tears flow.... more »

  • Ode To Italy

    Italy land that I love. Italy land of my dreams.
    Italy where the art of Florence is quite a sight.
    Italy land where the isle of Capri shines bright.
    Italy where the cities of Milan and Naples do bustle.... more »

  • The Piano And The Violin

    Black keys, white keys.
    Straight in a row.
    Whimsical tunes
    Do come and go.... more »

  • Tragedies At War

    The bugles call, the trumpets blow, the fife and drum join in.
    The young men they all jump to arms while mothers' tears begin.
    It's fine to see this brave display of men in rank and file.
    Despite the cannon, shot, and smoke that reign the land with hate,... more »