At present he is committing himself as writer cum dramaturge for Doo-Lali Group and responsible for adapting the Epic Ramayana to ‘Simulacra’ in a different approach involving ‘poetry’ and ‘Story-telling’. So far Doo-Lali group has done 15 performances and he directed 10 out of the 15 performances. His current interest at present is writing poetry based on the space science knowledge.


Rozmanshah Abdullah Poems

4th Dimension

First there's the dot
Then alight another dot
Dot to dot makes a line
Line to line makes a plane... more »


Fully equipped are you
relaunching your life
put on a facade
where... more »

Mortal - Brief Life

Wanting what you can't have
Reloving things that is already there
Is there such magic
While reading your own palm... more »

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Rozmanshah Abdullah 10 Apr 2005 07:02
let free form and free will glides along this realm of unconsciousness