• 4th Dimension

    First there's the dot
    Then alight another dot
    Dot to dot makes a line
    Line to line makes a plane... more »

  • A Stroll In Paradise

    Night after night at the park
    Different sorts of personality
    With one common goal
    Either sex or money... more »

  • Acquainted Earth

    He is one man to acres of land
    Ploughing his way
    Stiffening his spine
    Dreaming life as a habit... more »

  • Answer

    I have this bad habit
    Of always wanting people
    To notice
    To recognise... more »

  • Be

    From Chaotic to order
    Or was it from
    Order to disorder
    Just be... more »

  • Believing Beliefs

    We are not subservient
    to our supposed divine dealers
    We owe it to ourselves
    to tread on our chosen alleys... more »

  • Coming Out

    The beginning
    It gets inside you
    Eats you out
    Messed you up... more »

  • Everything Is Human

    There are billions of stars
    and there are billions of humans
    Could it be
    that one signifies the other... more »

  • Fables Of Reflections

    And we became the layer of voices
    With engineered precision ripples
    And auto-tuned echoes... more »

  • Hold Me

    Squeeze my throat
    With your empty stares
    Weakened my knees
    With that knowing glare... more »

  • I Am Sita

    At the darkest moment comes the light
    I am that light
    My existence destroys reason
    Love is divine... more »

  • Keyhole

    carrying your rib cage upwards
    so you can move inwards
    inside your head and heart... more »

  • Lovelife

    Fully equipped are you
    relaunching your life
    put on a facade
    where... more »

  • Midnight

    Where did that stuff come from
    What made you want to make that sound heard?

    You have to piss at the rain... more »

  • Mortal - Brief Life

    Wanting what you can't have
    Reloving things that is already there
    Is there such magic
    While reading your own palm... more »

  • Nightshift

    I was walking down the park one night
    When I saw butterflies
    A large number of them
    Flying towards the light... more »

  • Nothing Spectacular

    I used to think and sing that there is no future to dream about
    Let's go down to the lake
    there's nothing to...
    begin again at the edge of a square... more »

  • Physical Of Square 2

    The universe dreams
    As it try to sleep day and night
    When that's not possible
    It started to think... more »

  • Sarkah

    My relationship with the living spirit
    Says something other than the mere thing itself
    Sarkah encapsulates my whole Malay psyche
    It is about inheriting the invisible traits of my ancestors... more »

  • Self

    Curly do thinning hair
    Rusty earlobes wild blackheads
    Scrawny moustache bushy beard
    Double chins, nearly invisible neck... more »

  • Shatter

    Dissect these gaseous
    That I'm exhaling

    Compartmentalized them... more »

  • Simulacra

    At any one moment
    To what does one seek
    Seems not enough with mere lament
    Busting skerries up against the creek... more »

  • The Physical Of Squares

    Does the universe dream?
    As we sleep day and night
    We know... more »

  • Tree

    That man
    Sitting alone
    Under a big tree
    Waiting for the right moment... more »

  • Try Living

    Nobody in this world worth anything
    It is all just some made-up thing
    Where everyone incline to believe in clinging
    To some sort of belief and bearing... more »