People say i am very MORBID but it doesn't bother me cause it's proably true and people also tell me i look like am goth or punk and ask me why I`m like this and i tell them cause I can be, I truly think im like this because when I was 9 my dad died and that reallly hurt. Then after my dad died my mom started drinking so me n my brothers and sisters went into foster care for about 10 months. Then we got to go back to our mom but then she stared doing crack and not coming home for weeks and when i was about 10 or 11 i was taking care of 3 newborn babys while taking care of my lil sister and 2 younger brothers. I cooked for them, made sure they got to school and gave them baths and other stuff like a mother would do. I remember i used to get up in the middle of the night to take care of my niece n 2 younger brothers and because of my mom i had to miss 2 months of grade 6 just so i could be a mother to my siblings. Then my school called CFS and whenever my mom would come back home to change her clothes and stuff i would run away from her and one night I took off from her and called the cops and they took me home but I told them that i didnt wanna go back their cause i was scared she was gonna beat me up, cause she did before for no god dam reason. I also told them that there was nood food in the fridge and she was never home, so they went in and talked to her and checked the fridge and seen there was no food in their so they phoned CFS and i went to my aunties and the next day my mom came over and she beat the shiiittt out of me and said its my fault that my brothers n sister are in CFS so i ran away from their n CFS for 2 months then i turned my self in. While i was in CFS I had visits with my mom i went to a few of them and she tryed to apologize to me so many times i would just ignore her. In january of 2006 she went into treatment until may i think then she just left cause she said she was getting harrassed by people and and when i thought everything was going to go back to normal she stared doing crack again but now i just dont give a fuck. I think i am so dark to because i seen someone get killed when i was coming home from a friends house one time. Last year i was told that i have PTSD so they put me on prozac and i was in and out of the hospital so many times cause i tried to kill myself but i guess now im pretty okaii. so yeah thats like part of my screwed life.


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Screamin is all I hear,
Heartaches is all I fear,
Blood is all smeared,
Cryin is all I see,... more »


Underneath my exterior,
Underneath my clothes,
Underneath my words,
A specail person grows.... more »

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